Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mon Rêve

I don’t know how it started, I was at amusement park, and the first thing I saw was..

He had hit my friend, Dita. I’m shocked. I can’t believe it. When I saw Dita battered, and helpless. She walk towards me, maybe ask for a hand, to help her. Then she fell in front of me. I’m shocked. He tried to hit her, again again and again. The I screamed at him

“Stop hitting her!!” I screamed. I can’t see his face try to stop hit Dita. Suddenly he raised his hand, then hitting me. I can see my hand getting bruised, and reddish. I’m shocked. How could he hit me too? Am I did something wrong on him?

Then he run. Run as fast as wind blow my face. Then I can feel something strike my hand, then my hand getting bruised then reddish again. He run again, as fast as the flash, the superheroes but in evil edition. He hit me again. I think, he hit me because I tried to protect Dita.

I guess, the situation is already safe. The I give Dita my hand, and help her to walk. “Quick! He’s gone. But idk when he come back. Let’s we leave this place as soon as possible. NOW!” I tried to carry her. Then we walked away, don’t know where.

Suddenly, there was the sound of marching footsteps. As I turned to the back, I saw him. He hit me again. Then I fell on my knees. He tried to hit Dita again, until I hold his feet with my bruised hands.


He stopped. He looked at me. Then I grabbed his wrist.
“Don’t you remember when I willing to go abroad to Hungary just to meet you? Don’t you remember it? I spent all my money just to comfort you, because you say you were sad? Don’t you remember?”

I cried.
“And this is the thanks I get for doing all that things to you? By hit me and my Friend? Why you do this to me!? IT HURTS!!”

I cried, cried and cried. I saw his face.
He tried to hold his tears.

“Why don’t you, just, please, understand me?” I screamed.
He hold my hand.

Suddenly, a mini car stopped in front of us. Someone open the window. It’s my mom.
“Well, Ra, we’ll go to Jogjakarta. Here 2 tickets for you two.” She give me 2 airplane ticket.

Then my dad, who was sitting next to my mom talk to me “Tell him if we’ll go to Jogjakarta. Then you will catch up later.” He said. This is, strange. My dad didn’t ask too much.

“Dad.. this is my boyfriend” I told him.
“I know it, girl. Hey you, protect my daughter, ok?” My dad talk to him
“Yes, I will, sir” He answered.

My mom give me a name card, then he want to see it. He took it from my hand. I can feel his big and warm hand touching my hand.

“I want to see it!”
“Wow, may you understand?”
I understand! But I want a name card with wayang picture on it”
“I have one in my house. I’ll give you one”
“I want a wayang picture from Jogjakarta”
“Yes, I’ll give you one”

Then we walk through the airport, he watch my every step.
“Don’t step on that thing!!” he told me. I almost step on a big hole.
“Ok, it’s better if you walk in front of me”
“No, I can’t let you walk behind me!”
“I’m ok. I’ll know if you walk in front of me, so I won’t step on wrong land”

He walk in front of me. He walk, as fast as my step when I’m in hurry. I thought we will miss our plane.

I tried to grab his bag from behind.
“Hey wait!”

The last time I saw was his big back, his strapping shoulders, wore grey t-shirt and carried a black backpack.

He is…


“Kamu nggak les?” Ayah bangunin gw,
Gw liat jam. Jam 7. Gw les jam setengah 9.
Mencoba menyambung mimpi namun tak dapat.

Lukas Podolski menjadi pacar adalah hal yang luar biasa, walaupun cuma dalem mimpi,
(usut punya usut gara-gara gw abis liat foto dia sebelom tidur di tumblr)


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