Coniesyah Zalfa Zahira
Zahira, Rara, Cocon
November 12, 1994 (I share my birthday with Ryan Gosling and Anne Hathaway)
Blue Colour
London, Someday
Support Arsenal FC and Netherlands NT
I love Robin van Persie since I was an Elementary school (That's why, It's hard to move on from him)
Supernatural, and How I met Your mother, every week
Coldplay, Maroon5 and Queen. They dominate my ipod
I wish someone give me a coldplay or queen album as my birthday gift. Just wishing
I'd take my daddy to San Siro. But well, I'd take myself to Emirates Stadium first
More? Y U NO ask me?
But I'm not Superman, I hope you like me as I am :)

Thanks for watching!

Find me,
Best Quotes Ever,

"Ngga usah dengerin orang lain, mereka sok tau" - Sugab

"Kalo van Persie nggak yakin, dia ngga bisa nyetak gol. Kalo kamu ngga yakin, ngga bisa nyetak 'goal' juga" - Ayah


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